Thanks to our modern and powerful infrastructure, we contribute to the digital

transformation process of the entire ecosystem and create a brand new synergy together.

About Us

Apilion is Turkey's strongest API marketplace realized by Aktif Ventures, a subsidiary of Aktif Bank. It feeds the ecosystem with nearly 600 APIs, primarily financial technologies, and produces innovative solutions in many categories for industry needs.
Apilion, which provides access to various services needed by companies and developers on a single platform, accelerates infrastructure development processes with easy integration solutions and saves time.

Apilion believes that time is one of the most important factors in the digital transformation journey and opens its doors to everyone who wants to reach opportunities and innovations with a proactive approach.

What is the API Marketplace?

It is an API library that provides access to the technical infrastructure of various innovative solutions needed by the ecosystem through a single platform. It is also a digital platform that allows companies and developers to share their APIs.

It provides innovative solutions to developers who want to realize infrastructure integration quickly and easily. In this way, it supports its products and services with a dynamic technology, allowing companies to offer their users a flawless customer experience.

Contact Information

Aktif VenturesBüyükdere Caddesi No: 163 Zincirlikuyu Şişli 34394 İstanbulPhone: 0212 340 80 00Mail:

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