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Bill Payments
Global money transfer

API Marketplace Solutions

With our banking products, you can immediately create modern banking solutions to meet your customers' needs: accounts, cards, money transfers, payments, loans, investments, and KYC.

Banking Accounts

It contains the necessary APIs to create bank accounts for your customers, your customers can list accounts and see account details.

- Cards:

With the Apilion Card solution, you can include physical or virtual cards in your customers' journey and start building lasting customer relationships right away.

Physical Card: Your customers can use their debit card for all their shopping and withdraw money from all ATMs in Turkey.

Virtual Card: Virtual cards are unique cards that can be used instantly. Your customers can create their virtual cards instantly, load as much money as they want to spend, and use them securely for online shopping and payments.

- Money Transfer:

Your customers want their transfers to be fast, reliable and precise. That's what Apilion offers, providing 24/7 money transfer processing through its powerful APIs.

Discover what you can offer your customers through our Money Transfer APIs!

    • 24/7 Money Transfer
    • Send money without the need for an IBAN
    • Create order for money transfer
    • Save your old transfers
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Serve the loans your customers need with fast and hassle-free access.

Easy Cash Loan:

Offer your customers easy cash up to TL 5,000 with interest-free repayment for up to 30 days.

Personal Finance Credit:

Give your customers access to a personal loan up to TL 70,000 with 12 installments up to TL 70,000, which is instantly transferred to their accounts, even on the weekend, without going to the branch.

Transport Credit:

Provide your customers with vehicle loans to meet their transportation needs.

Shopping Credit:

Give your customers access to a shopping loan that will make it easier for them to make purchases while shopping online.

Bill Payments

Your customers can pay their bills at any time, without delay and effortlessly.

Through our Bill Payment APIs:

    • Set up automatic payment orders.
    • List contracted institutions.
    • Track your invoices

Virtual POS

Strengthen your online payment processing capabilities through Virtual POS. Start taking online payments immediately with easy integration and installment sales opportunities with Apilion powerful API setup.

Receive Direct Payment:

Allow your customers to enter their information into your app and get paid through virtual POS.

Receiving Payments via Link:

Provide your customers with the opportunity to receive payments through the link you will create.

Global money transfer

Give your customers the privilege of making global money transfers quickly and easily. Discover what you can offer your customers with our international money transfer APIs.

    • Send and receive money to and from an account
    • Send money 24/7 to nearly 200 countries
    • Providing transfer transactions at favorable commissions


Offer your customers a wide range of insurance benefits they may need for any situation.

Open Banking Services

Integrate solutions for listing all bank accounts and viewing account transactions into your application.


Integrate the scoring service that enables your corporate customers to receive fast and reliable financial analysis reports and create savings plans in the most efficient way.


Enable your companies to manage all invoicing processes through the special integrators of their choice.

Service Banking Solutions

Digital Onboarding:

Allow your potential customers to complete the KYC process digitally without going to any branch.

Banking Accounts:

Offer your customers TL or foreign currency bank account creation, detail viewing and listing services.

Virtual Card:

Enable your customers to create virtual debit cards that they can use for online purchases, view account balances and review transaction details.

Money Transfer:

Integrate the infrastructure that your customers can make money transfers (EFT / Money Order, FAST, KOLAS) 24/7 into your system.

Discover our APIs where you can provide various services to your customers using our platform!

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